A developing concept aiming to give you a concise and impartial look at the worlds news.


Quicky News 

A developing project focusing on changing the way we consume news media. 

Project Includes: Branding - Interaction Design - Animation - User Experience. 


What is Quicky?

Quicky is a news platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to verify the world's news. So you don't have to worry about the legitimacy of the stories you read. Quicky gathers the news from all sides of the story - from different political backgrounds and opposing points of view. Quicky then treats them as if they were in a Venn diagram - only keeping whats consistent across the breadth of stories. It then writes a simple and concise news report that can be read in under five minutes - so you don't have to waste time keeping up to date with the world's news. 


Branding Quicky

The first step was naming it - I wanted the name to be snappy but memorable, and have a good reason to be there. I concluded on Quicky as its easy to say, easy to remember and describes one of the main benefits of using Quicky over conventional news applications. The news stories on Quicky are short and concise and give you all the info you need. Perfect for the commute or lunch break - or for those who don't to waste time keeping up to date.

The main brand mark illustrates two opposing or alternate stories with a balance of the two in the middle, much like a Venn diagram.  This also links to how the algorithm behind Quicky would work. Sourcing news stories from different backgrounds and points of view and only keeping whats consistent - and hopefully true.


Designing the App

The user interface had to be intuitive while maintaining very little visual noise. I didn't want the interface to get in the way of the content. The outcome from this aim was a clean and easy to navigate interface - that allows the user to jump from story to story without much effort. Both the mobile and web app version of Quicky are intentionally minimal in the way fo features too, with only the option to read, discard, save for later and give feedback on the story - which aids the machine learning algorithm that drives Quicky. The visual style of the interface follows the branding with clean rounded corners and bright whites.