A Flag For Earth

A developing concept aiming to give you a concise and impartial look at the worlds news.


A Flag For Earth

We have flags for countries, cities and sports teams - but not one for everything we've ever known, Earth.

The purpose of this personal project is to develop, design and propose a flag for Earth. A flag that not only creates a symbol for all of humanity to unite under but a flag that reaches the interstellar stage - a flag for the unknown and unseen. As we push the boundaries of interstellar travel and venture further from the planet we call home, I think it is essential to have a common mark or symbol - one that's easy to recognise, easy to draw, and tells a little bit about who we are, and where we've come from. 

To help preface this project further, I created a short animated film.


We don't know, what we don't know. 

The world we live in is a rapidly evolving thing - the way we live, learn and communicate changes from generation to generation. This matter was a central focus for the initial design stages of the project, the flag not only needs to work today - but also in 100, 500, 1000 or more years. Perception of colour, symbols and language can change over time to a point where the original meaning is lost.

Although it's near impossible to predict how things will change and develop in the future - you can aim to design in a way that has the best chance of not being misunderstood, this was my starting point. Below are some of my initial concepts.


The Flag

After developing, evaluating and refining hundreds of options, I landed on this. A simple, easy to recognise, easy to draw flag - that tells a little bit about who we are, and where we're from.  The central circle represents Earth -  the smaller circle is our only Moon. The colour divide is at -23.5°, which is the relative axis tilt of the Earth. The Earth and Moon are sized to scale - although the distance has been reduced so they can both easily sit within the boundaries of the flag. 

The blue honours the photograph taken by Voyager 1 on February 14th, 1990. At a distance of 6 billion kilometres from home, Voyager 1 spun around to take a photo of Earth in the vast expanse of space. The photo is known as 'Pale Blue Dot'.

Click here to view the Pale Blue Dot Photograph

Short video will be coming soon further explaining my thought process.